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Texas destinations, parks and attractions

Are you going on a road trip to Texas, looking for tips about the destinations so you and your party can enjoy it, be comfortable and not spend a fortune?

Here are some of the top destinations in Texas and tips about visiting them

National parks and monuments in Texas

Texas State parks and historic sites

Texas Seasons, bugs, topography and climate

Texas is a huge state with a diverse topography, which means the weather varies widely, from arid in the desert west to humid in the coastal east..From east of Interstate 35 the state is subtropical, while to the west of Interstate 35 is arid desert. Texas ranks first in tornados in the U.S. with an average of 139 per year.

Texas Camping tips

To guarantee entry, we highly recommend reserving day passes and overnight stays before your visit.

Texas Online Camping Reservations

How-to camping reservations videos

These videos walk you through the online reservation process.

Phone Reservations

  • Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Make or cancel reservations.
  • Use a credit card to confirm your reservation.
  • Campsites, shelters, cabins and rooms (including those at Balmorhea): (512) 389-8900
  • Group facilities or organized group reservations: (512) 389-8920. (Some parks are taking group reservations. Capacity may be reduced due to local COVID-19 regulations.) 
  • T.D.D. - Call (512) 389-8915 to reach a text-only telecommunication device for the hearing impaired.

There are both state parks and private campgrounds in Texas.